Why Does Anyone Believe Anything On TikTok

Opublikowany 15 sty 2021
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  • i did not know that was her song

  • I like how with the "vampire dad guy" no one ever asked him to brush his "fangs" bc wouldn't the filter go away or buffer?

  • Tik Tok just fucking sucks in every aspect

  • Her source is literally _Trust me bro_

  • “First of all I’ve had way dirtier things in my mouth that weekend” ugly guy in her phone: 😳

  • thiis was on my bday when i turned 12 HAHA

  • "Bro I peed in that toilet"

  • If he is a real vampire then how did he survive sunlight?!

  • cuz they have a tiny sized brain

  • "I'll censor her name" Her name being on Dr. Phil's screen, very big, and very uncensored.

  • "Ha, that's my butt." 🤣🤣🤣what the crap

  • bruh he thinks he is a vampire and he is in day light

  • Yeah but kinda f*ck her friend for ruining it and sending the private voice memo

  • Hey

  • It’s basically one stupid person who comments something distorted and then the influx of other stupid people believing it and spreading/copying that message

  • Wow ava gets free laxative teas I'm so jealous

  • damm danny u be looking cringe ass nae nae baby

  • Why tf is he saying its 2021 its 2030 ;-;

  • Tik tok video in a cringe way be like heys today I will tell u why 2020 was the worst year it was because of the white it’s their fault

  • i like this

  • 9:36 you forgot to edit her name out

  • My fangs, they’re not retractable, they come out whenever I want them to.

  • song on 3:26 ?

  • This is why I don't have Tik Tok

  • So I'm not a psychiatrist nor have I ever taken a psych class but that girl seems like a narcissist. Not in a "oh lol she's just got a big ego" No, I mean she genuinely seems to enjoy people giving her attention. Like, I feel like she wants people to be obsessed with her. Narcissism is a serious mental illness and unfortunately it takes a lot of work to help those people, but most of them don't feel like they need help because they've got such a big ego.

  • Craig is doing the polnareff challenge not coronavirus challenge

  • 5 minutes in and he finally mentions the topic of the video for the first time

  • this is d e e p

  • I feel..so bad for her. She definitely didn’t get enough love/attention and highly insecure. This is like an extreme outcome. I really hope she starts feeling better about herself, truly.

    • I feel bad because she made all the wrong choices

  • My fangs: not retractable, they come out when I want. So retractable. Cool

  • One of the most obvious things that show he isn't a vampire is his other videos where he literally shows up in the mirror.

  • Girl: I caused the biggest scandal if 2021 Me who barely heard about it: Tf is this...

  • i heard "vampire" and i instantly thought DIO

  • girl didn't need to show us her fetish

  • My speed? Pshh Um yeah, I’m really fast ✋😀

  • 17:08 on us netflix you can watch the dark knight

  • I like how Danny is talking about how Dr.Phil is acting but that’s what he’s always like Maybe he is reading a teleprompter. I always thought he was just old

  • Craig origin stories...she's the enemy of Greg.

  • me: I live in the same city as my fav youtuber Danny Gonzalez

  • NGL the vampire thing I saw it and wanted to believe it more than actually believed it also I just realised that your kinda cute

  • the vampire guy must be having the time of his fucking life to be honest

  • 0:52 Everyone's ignoring his smiles twich ?

  • Craig is making me realize that having my mean girl character be 19 and doing this shit isn't that unrealistic if Craig here's apparently *21* according to that Dr. Phil clip

  • “I shit. Eighteen times a day.” -Danny Gonzalez

  • Dirtier thing her mouth? Wtf?!

  • no, but, he is a vampire. this is real. jk

  • That whole scandal is also highkey homophobic

  • That girl that made that crap up is definitely a textbook case of narcissist personality disorder

  • LMAO that girl got banned for posting about puff bars so much how *chefs kiss* perfect

  • Another day of being glad I’ve never made a Tik Tok account

  • Everyone knows it’s ALL about the free laxative teas. Lmao

  • "I hate because I'm jealous? That means everyone else hates because they're jealous!" Dude if someone killed my crush for example, or lied about celebrities, I wouldn't be jealous

    • She obviously doesn’t think this stuff she’s trolling y’all just keep falling for it and getting mad

  • He only burned in the sun once.

  • Where did he get that vampires have superspeed? Why didn't he just find an effect that turned him into a bat or something?

  • I have seen that Doctor phill episode

  • im skinny, im winning, and all you bitches are ugly😛 -craig i don’t like her, but that song is like...my comfort song for some reason💀🥲

    • @SoloistTris yes, yes I do. It’s so horrible it’s good lol

    • I hope you listen to it ironically 😬😅

  • Why do the captions just change at 8:38 it's just weird

  • I agree with him tiktok is so annoying I hate It so much I wish trump banned tiktok why I hate tiktok 1 it’s it’s bad for children and so they grow up to be bad 2 there is so popular the whole earth likes the app and PLthrow show tiktok FRICKIN TIKTOK OK I HATE THE APP 🙀🙀😾💀

  • This title is what I ask myself every day

  • The only reason they believe him is because he has no shirt on and has abs too

  • i think it's kinda funny that her song is popular but she's too generic to truly be popular herself. as if "mean skinny white tiktok girls" arent just a dime a dozen lmao. completely forgettable once her 15 seconds of fame are over. no personality for ppl to bother remembering or even recognizing her, too shallow to care how pathetic it is to act like she's doing us a favor by licking airplane toilet seats. and so she has to be as obnoxious as possible bc she knows that at the end of the day, she's nothing special. doesnt have the charisma, talent, skills, or humor to be memorable/famous, so she has to resort to being offensive & desperate to get any sort of attention. like i could do anything she's done, but i have the decency & dignity not to lol

  • 02:30 😂😂😂😂

  • She's who wrote that song!?? Wtf

  • Why r Danny n Kurtis so obsessed with Timothy? Like I get it, it’s Timothy but I’m just wondering if there’s a story behind this?

  • The Doja Cat reference sent me

  • This Drama was so funny 😂

  • Imao but the captions tho

  • People believe this but don’t believe when Danny dresses up and denies being Danny

  • Random girl: My source is legit I promiss Me: Wow, so legit. You can't even spell promise correctly. Haha. Clouts go brrr.

  • I recognized the girl when he showed the Dr.Phil clip

  • i’m changing my name. i don’t want ava anymore

  • 8:02 IM DEADDDDDD 💀💀💀😂

  • I have similar teeth to that guy’s “teeth” but they’re smaller and much more natural.

  • I lost it when Danny started saying “I’m pooping” while looking completely panicked

  • If he’s a vampire, then how can we see him in the mirror???

  • Everyone believed the girl who licked the toilet seat on an AIRPLANE

  • My mom once said that if vampires were real, we would all be vampires within like three years because vampires would keep biting other people.

    • And then we'd start making human farms for blood because humans would be going extinct

  • 9:30 what is happening with subtitles

  • Is the vampire walking in the sunlight? They turn into dust...

  • Craig stands for crappy Greg in this case but if anyone else is called Craig and they're not crappy then they're not crappy Craig they're just Greg also this is my mom's account I'm actually 13

  • the fact that the sun is legit hitting him and nothing is happening just shows how stupid people on tiktok are

  • Because tiktok is full of kids

  • The speed should've exposed him.

  • Childs mind......... Expect they aren't scared of it, by the way can't they see how bad the editing is? The fangs go away.

  • can you pls stop calling me greg that was my exes name

  • I hate this generation so much.

  • Didn't even spell promise right.

  • 15:27 why’d u have to do Timothee like that doe? Damn 😂🤣

  • Ok but how do u do the fangs edit cause it’s kinda cool

  • omfg I heard the song on my own, i couldn't stop laughing lmfao

  • 6:14 wait im pretty sure this is the girl that went on dr Phil saying she’d rather die than be ugly, she went on dr Phil for clout and has been trying to make up dumb rumors and shit to get famous

  • Hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper

  • If there’s one thing I have learn from tiktok is that it is a brilliant resource for false information.

  • "A song going viral right now and no one was talking about it" It... it wasn't viral then-

  • danny dont degrade ur dad like that >:( hell get mad and wont let you take his place in the mafia 😫😢😢

  • The coronavirus challenge girl dr.Phil thing, I watched

  • 2:37 the consequences being immortal

  • A braincell died after I saw each Tiktok video.

  • lmao the juicy juicy reference