These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)

Opublikowany 31 lip 2020
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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  • 3:01 *Che cho ba che chi chi intensifies*

  • why is the scream so identical to tubbo's scream

  • 10:52

  • Boiled egg and tiny coffee, yee yee am I right

  • why does he have a big sunburn

  • I’m literally shaking and crying RN dr crumb would never do that

  • 7:48 looks like a spongebob house on the left

  • I can't be the only brazilian that has watched the movie in the cover at 13:40

  • The callback at 13:53 with the country breakfast sent me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Okay, but why does Gunto kinda sound like Ash Ketchum 💀

  • Wait wasn’t the ball broken?

  • Danny Gonzalez, Diggy Gorgonzola, Ditsey Gaakey

  • As a someone who lives in NC a singular egg isn’t a country breakfast 🥲

  • A lot of VAs for these low budget ripoff films used to work extensively with 4Kids .

  • 26:26 i think you can tell he wears his mask lmao

  • Is Dr. Crum’s room a rip off of Wallace’s room? 🤔 For context, this just reminds me of the series Wallace and Gromit

  • Ya ever look at Dr. Krum and Dr. Zooks and think *sharp inhale* I DIAGNOSE THEE WITH GAY!¡!¡!

  • And it starts in 10:52

  • And same with 10:53

  • R.I.P. 10:54

  • Not cool

  • finding candy under your couch: fbi: 13:18

  • Just realized that the ball/egg is green because they probably intended to green screen a texture on it and just. forgot

  • Dr Crum must've mistaken the green ball for ice cream. Ball ice cream.

  • Can't get over the fact that sonic x's Eggman va is also the uncle

  • geg

  • 15:59 “I’m in PAIN and I’m STILL HYSTERICAL” -leopold bloom the producers

  • You seem familiar like this guy I watch are you drew gooden’s evil clone

  • i used to own a disc of this movie i *hated* it

  • Day 2 of telling Danny : ilysm 👖

  • That robot at the beginning tho

  • greg? nah R EGG

  • He talks abt a virus after his robot acts chinese. Coronavirus Prediction?! *if it was made pre-Corona. if not, its just really racist and not cool bro*


  • 12:45

  • Am I the only one that noticed in the background the rip off of cars

  • the teacher showed us this movie at school once.

  • Had u noticed that Amandas bangs are different than how they are on what's up

  • chinese virus? this didn’t age well

  • plot twist: the sexy green ball was the breakfast delight

  • Poor guto

  • People who created these movies went to Jupiter because this

  • Danny are you sunburnt in the beginning of the video

  • they dropped an egg from space... onto earth... science. gravity doesnt exist.

  • One of the posters where a rip of cars

  • When dr crumb tastes the green ball you see a rip off of cars on a poster in the background

  • 15:30 PAUSE VIDEO

  • 15:29

  • I need to complain, first of all.... Danny.... its called espresso, and the other thing is that the person who did the text seriously called this mf ”Guto” for the whole movie💀

  • I'm just saying if you place your shots well you can execute 6 small to medium animals (including but not limited to humans) for the same cost as a 16 oz can of monster energy drink.

  • up but its down.

  • Can we talk about why Danny has a picture of him drinking water in the background 💀

  • Bite of eighty seven: 😤 Invasion of fifty four: 😌

  • my parents made me watch this as a kid lol

  • Danny got a hole country breakfast on his floor

  • Choose: Salt laser Nuts /\ Amanda chose NUTS

  • Closer to chicken little then up tbh

  • never knew i sponsored danny. o.k.

  • 14:48 bro was ZOOTED💀

  • R EGG

  • If you didn’t know that in 13:34 look at the bottom left the the poster you can see a dvd on there

  • 10:55

  • Vgcfd

  • buddy, that coffee was an espresso. its served in a shot glass sized cup

  • 18:37 Amanda got the bowl cut tho 🤭

  • 24:07

  • Who's here because he's dreem

  • ok, but did no one notice the greg in the background turned into r????

  • Danny it’s called a sunny side up egg with espresso. It’s a thing

  • The rock would’ve been burning in the atmosphere, so gunto would have burnt his hand REALLY bad.

  • Moral Of The Story: *smexy Green Ball is an egg*

    • @Murph theGangster Smexy green ball is given by floating Racist robot

    • Smexy green ball is a Country Breakfast

  • *mschf*

  • "You may be having a panic attack, but get ready for a physical attack b**ch!" best. line. ever.

  • 13:40 so we really not acknowledging the Cars rip off poster in the background???

  • It's not the same as punching but one time I was having a bad panic attack and my "friend" at the time fucking. Grabbed my arms tryin to like physically restrain me

  • SexY HoT GreEN bAll 😂

  • If someday I die and the autopsy shows I died of laughter just know it was Danny

  • Why would sonic voice actors associate themselves with this...

  • What if he bit into that egg and it had hashbrowns, ham, and eggs in that egg. So it's a whole ass breakfast in two bites.

  • We stan Gunto

  • Gunto would be very dead and liquefied from the shockwave from the explosion that would have happened

  • Lol there’s a rip off of cars poster on the wall

  • What the hell was the point of the salt laser if he didn’t use it to defeat the damn monsters. Wouldn’t that be like... easier?

  • Nooooooooooooooooo

  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Google "immigration 1954" (in reference to the "alien" invasion of 1954.) Anti-immigration legislation was passed in 1954 with a pretty derogatory name. Yeah, hella racist writer...

  • am I the only one who saw the rip off car poster at 13:32

  • In the beginning, why did the grandpa do the cup song with the salt gun?

  • 13:10 is anyone going to notice the rip off of Cars in the background?

  • Theory: the reason Amanda moves so weird is that she’s actually a droid Dr. Krum made to replace his dead niece. The soul of the real Amanda ended up possessing the droid and giving it human emotions. That would also explain why she’s staring at Gunto, she’s jealous of his mortal body.

  • LOST SUGAR JUNK FOOD DANGER SUGAR DANGER the captions: (indistinct)

  • 12:44 19 dollar fortnite card

  • 8:29 that fit so perfectly

  • The wake up scene was a straight rip off of “Flubber” staring Robin Williams

  • cashoes

  • cashoes

  • 15:50 My friend walked in on me crying over my ex gf and she slapped me across the face and told me to stop crying over someone who cheated on me and they weren't worth crying over- then she slapped me again when I kept crying...

  • The poster in portuguese?????

  • how the fuck did you get sponsored by MSCHF?? that's so wild

  • I swear when I was in school my classmates told me whatever that racist robot said