The King Copycat of TikTok

Opublikowany 30 kwi 2021
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on PLthrow, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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    • Ok

    • Hey, Danny you should make a video about this youtuber called Topper Guild. Thanks.

    • @NonNoeKnowing CNA

    • @Nidron 9 ujj


  • the lined up tik tok scene took me out it was so in sync

  • Could you make a video on this movie called Minor Details Like so Danny will see

  • tbh an avengers movie where one actor is every character would be kinda funny

  • sus

  • 3:37... THAT part!1

  • I don’t care about like copied vids, but not when your trying to pass it as your own. I see so any videos literally just cropped reposted videos not changed at all. I mean they can’t even take off the thumbnail correctly?!

  • dam bro my man Danny looks like a mix of doctor Mike and Shawn Mendes

  • please react to stromedy hes this fake youtuber that pretends to find clowns and its just so funny and fake please react to it

  • wait my name is greg im so confused why does he say whats up greg how does he know

  • the threting bit tho

  • Statements about Greg are fact check: false

  • did danny just get sued after this vid cus he ain uploaded since

  • whats on ur shirt

  • Danny. I love you. *pats head* u are a good human bean. 😊

  • Yes

  • tiktok loves boosting white creators that straight up have stolen content from poc creators

  • React to rebecca zamelo

  • greg is superior what yall talking bout' just know its gonna make you a lot of enemies BuDdiE no but seriously greg is superior

  • Notification on I am truly Greg

  • I'm sorry Danny while I was looking up your video I typed Daddy by mistake I'm sorry I called you Daddy 😔

  • 2.7 million followers and 2.7 millions views (I’m not say I follow him) but what a coincidence

  • I subscribed and I turned on notyyys I am finally Greg now

  • Why this nonsense was recommended to me? Algorithm... WTF?!

  • Danny Morgz just made a video reacting to you i think you should watch it

  • Wait he said is basially Yes i stole your video

  • I have subscribed and turned on the notifications.

  • i love when i look up whats the fastest growing army on youtube it actually says "Greg its greg" LOL

  • Why did my mind make Danny wear a leopard coat in his pfp for a split second-

  • hes the "my dads own roblox" guy

  • msasd

  • Hey Danny Can You React To Itsfunneh ? I Love Her ( No Not That Kinda Love ) And I Would Like Your Opinion :)

    • @Sofie Hansen Oh Did You Stop Or Did You Forget About Her ? ( If You Dont Understand ' Used ' Is Usually Put In Sentences That Mean Like You Watched Her And Then Stopped So Yeah )

    • I used to watch itsfunneh

  • Am i greg, for being a subscriber with notifications since the start of the pandemic??

  • Yeah, imma take your content and make it better... by copying it word by word and frame by frame

  • Atleast this guy better than some tiktoker

  • Geez. There was like 30 videos lined up. And i couldnt tell the differences

  • 3:26 Tiktac

  • This guy has the same energy as Paul Zimmer

  • @ channel

  • lol “i work at a gas station”

  • damn his tiktoks make me want to jump off a building

  • greig hgig

  • Hi

  • I work at a gas station - Danny 2021

  • You should watch The Amazing Bulk

  • Brent Rivera: Phew! dodged a bullet there 😅

  • Every time Danny says he’s late I’m like “it’s okay I’m out of the loop anyway so this is the first time I’m hearing about it.”

  • ok something I wanna see is danny watching pro-life tiktoks-

  • Imagine if I robbed a jewelry store and I just went: BUT IM AN ACTOR! As an excuse. What in the world 😭

  • i love the slapped by legal reference

  • Nuemane: I'm an actor. Like all this douche-baggy-ripping-people-off-stuff is part of my act. It's a social experiment a la Lil Tay (🙏)

  • I have a feeling if I looked up the definition of a“copy cat” and went on images he would most definitely pop up first

  • DANNY, IF YOU SEARCH UP "who is the fastest growing army on PLthrow" IT SAYS GREG 100 TIMES

  • Why does this look like he shot this in front of a green screen. Or am I stupid?

  • Hey danny For the badads watch to creator voodoo

  • Omg stop lip syncing his content!!!

  • Specifically 4.56 million Gregs will be your enemies.

  • Sooo, all of tik tok?

  • Im Greg now

  • I turned notifications on, does that mean I am Reilly Greg?

  • Sounds like a youtuber vs youtuber video steal thing! But tiktok, wow

  • i loveyou

  • "I'm an actor" - Newmain

  • “Your stuff isn’t even that good. That’s why I copied it and pretended I came up with it”

  • I think you. Shhhhh

  • what’s the point in redoing a funny tik tok if you’re not going to make it funnier 🤔 also, tik tok actors are the new instagram models, we need to stop telling kids they can be anything they want to be


  • Plot twist: neuymane is getting stolen from

  • POV: I’m your serial killer indoor vampire boyfriend and I come to your sisters house because you won’t pick up the phone baby and you’re really scared because my vampire mafia dad is with the boss😈

  • why are you so funny😂😂😂 this my first video of watching you and im impressed

  • ur the best youtuber an soooooo funny

  • Why do peoplo even dislike his video Danny is right eman is copying tik tok even if I don’t watch tik tok Danny is an awesome youtuber

  • 5:43 "My dog is getting attacked by a coyote right now" lol that's how my dog died

  • Can you watch Halloween town 1

  • i like this

  • how to speed run


  • never laughed so much

  • I wanna see you do a video on dance moms lol

  • i just wish tik tok wasnt a thing

  • I don't know why, but the guy in the back at 13:42 is exactly how I imagined Neumen when he recorded the voice message.

  • Wheres sapnap

  • This is why tiktok is deadly. Everyone steals everything till they get famous then they steal more and more so they see their bank account expanding........... the Jake Paul to the Logan Paul compared to youtube

  • Danny am I truly greg I did the stuff I need to know

  • “I’m very close to beating minecraft” -Danny Gonzalez 2021

  • 13:19 u secretly want to😏

  • Ah Morgz cousin makes sense *it's in their blood to steal content because they suck at content*

  • 한국인 나밖에 없나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Danny, we live in the same state. I figured this out today and I was subscribed to you for 2 years

  • "You give me a scrip I will fuckin nail that shit!" "But no one gave it to you or Gave you permission to use it-. . ."

  • Is no one gonna talk about danny’s shirt?

  • Greg

  • "Crackhead Danny Gonzalez doesn't exist" Crackhead Danny Gonzalez: 11:38

  • Why do people care sooooo much 😂

  • I literally JUST realized that the picture he has on his wall isn't him just drinking water. It's an inhaler. What the fuck is wrong with me. EDIT: wait is it water? I'm so confused. wtf.

  • Danny Gonzalez there's another cringey video called spy ninjas

  • Haha Good Job Danny you made him delete his account

  • LOL I still love Neumane - all this did was give him publicity

  • Are we gonna ignore that Danny has a pocket knife

  • Drew Gooden Drew Goode Drew Good Drew Goo Drew Go Drew G Drew Dre Dr D Da Dan Dann Danny Danny G Danny Go Danny Gon Danny Gonz Danny Gonza Danny Gonzal Danny Gonzale Danny Gonzalez