Straight Up Bothering People

Opublikowany 16 wrz 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on PLthrow, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • wait the lil dangley thing bit was actually kind of a bop-

  • What in the actual fuck is that girls blue hair and joker eyes!!

  • 2:08

  • I have a 'im not perfect, but I'm limited addition' shirt...

  • i just was curious what bullshit he is posting and its even worse that whats in the vid. dont go look.

  • Я из России, и я могу подтвердить, что это то, что происходит translation:i am from russia and i can confirm this is what we do

  • yach

  • 2:08

  • That's her phone danny-

  • *gets kissed* you’re not you when you’re hungry, here, eat a snickers

  • 5:53 sorry but all I hear is the onlyfans (I paid gogy 500$.. called me on Skype uhh poggers💪😫) song

  • "candies for cuteas" (ik it's cuties) I get the reference There's a video on his second channel- 2 danny 2 furious Where he tries futuristic fashion from the 50's or 60's and- (no more spoilers)

  • 5:53 Anyone else hear "Georgenotfound Onlyfans" in the background?? :0

  • I’m gonna curly sue them

  • I did what no man has dared to do. I searched up the video. I scrolled to september 2020. I didnt need to see that.

  • *6:23* Is he wearing his shirt upside-down?

  • How do I say "kick the pandas ass" in Russian?

  • I think that the "feeling" meant uh...something not so kid-friendly

  • 0:44 The guy in the back be looking like Pesci from Golden Wind

  • Stan Maison

  • Pakistan tiktoks are most crazy ones out there but still they make sence more then the ones you show.

  • I don't know why everyone's so upset that they don't get to eat the Nutella from the strange man..

  • Im sorry but am i the only one who's so thrown off by the GeorgeNotFound Onlyfans music he keeps using in the background 😭😭😭

  • Was that Rosettis theme song in the background for a second there? Do we have a secret animal crossing lover here? I think maybe!

  • 決してあなたを失望させないことをあきらめるつもりはないし、砂漠を決して泣かせません。決して嘘をつかないで傷つくさよならを言うつもりはない

  • Can anyone link the blurred video? I'm too curious

  • Tongue go wiggle

  • I like the one where the girl is just dropping her bear in front of the people because, I would do exactly what the last guy did

  • Am i only one who saw his microphone connected to charge🗿🗿🗿🗿


  • I love how the whole of Hype house *Is using Apple phones* *Every Single one of em*

  • What's the name if the song at 6:33?

  • Ayyyyyy 15,000 comment let's gooooo

  • 15,000th comment



  • That’s a question money

  • I'm eating crunch bars right now.

  • GET TO 420K LIKES1!1!1!1!!!1!1!11!1!1!!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!

  • 5:29 danny... no... I don't think this is social commentary buddy...

  • noooooo

  • I've watched this video multiple times, but I just read the title and thought it said 'striaght people bothering people'

  • Correction danny 14 mins

  • Ngl but I think your channel is underrated. Hello there, PLthrow algorithm? Yeah we needa get Danny to more subs

  • Why do people keep advertising VPN's as a way to bypass content blocks? Most sites like netflix don't even let you connect to their site if you're using a VPN

    • ​@Jasnoor Games Well its one point of a VPN, the others being privacy and security, and my point was that that particular use of a VPN is kinda not a thing anymore it would seem, since most sites like netflix and disney+ won't let users connect when they're using a VPN, so they can't use a VPN to bypass content blocks. I mean I guess it can still be used to bypass content blocks on youtube, but not really on netflix anymore, and that seems to be a big advertising point for most VPNs

    • thats the point of a vpn..

    • @Felinehand just wanted to point that out

    • @hornet is void Your point, lets-play-youtuber-with-under-100-subscribers number 2406?

    • Ah yes a furry

  • no because danny is the funniest person ever i was watching him in class and my teacher called on me and i was gasping for air😭✋

  • How much Greg could a Greg greg greg if a Greg greg greg greg greg

  • why do all of these go straight over his head... like he had to be pretending not to get these right? should i not get these? also, those head massagers slap.

  • r/arethestraightsok and ya know? They aren't doing so great.

  • 5:11 Choking noises

  • i speak russian, and i have no idea what any of these captions are supposed to mean lmao

  • 602 15 174 653 15 191 686 13 168 638 14 188 615 12 176 639 12 142 707 15 148 614 13 163 647 14 160 792 12 143 800 13 153 592 14 168 724 14 196 884 13 196 868 13 193

  • Danny and drew are the only ones to make sponsors entertaining

  • Ye

  • 6:02 any of yall know what that soung is o_o

  • Not the Mr. Resetti music

  • If you aren’t happy with your life go to your local harbor freight and buy gun powder, 9v, and a pipe. Once 10 pipe bombs have been completed, mail them to all surrounding community colleges and advance autos. 💥 Your life is better


  • As someone that I thought was truly Greg, I don't know why I'm just seeing this for the first time when it was recommended to me...

  • I've got to agree it's very weird, but that limited edition shirt is pretty amazing

  • Nestle Crunch! Old school.

  • 0:53 Don't you dare ruin the good name of the Backyardigans!

  • Actually it was sweets for sweeties..

  • danny you are a liar i is 14:23 minutes not 15:00

  • 5:56 GNF ONLY FANS



  • In 6:32 it's actually a Korean tik tok trend, but its like a hot guy throws stuff down and all the girls fall for his beauty and picks it up but the last girl kicks it showing that she doesn't fall for him and she is strong and stuff, and he did the exact opposite to show some stupid difference

  • Dude, we live in a simulation. I was looking at an article of starwars when I heard you play the end song to the phantom menace.

  • What is the one he blurred im curious

    • he has some lollipops and he puts em uhhh

  • It’s actully 14:23, so it’s 14 minutes I can’t belive I’ve been lied to like this 😞😢

  • We're playing seven checkers, but he's playing seven chess

  • There like the backyard agains of straight tik tok

  • Tiktok is a disgrace. It makes me lose all faith in the future of humanity.

  • Do SaltBae next. His tik toks are corny, cringe, & pretty stupid really

  • Yeah im cool i kidnap people

  • nice shirt Dan

  • Why did I read the title as "bothering straight people" ?

  • ngl i thought the title was "straight people straight up bothering people"

  • He tied her up and put her in the trunk so she would be in the tiktoks

  • 3:40 The people hanging around look like a group of random people out of the goofy movie

  • Why did the crunch bar part KILL ME 😂

  • 10:42 Im russian and that means "What are you stupid!?"

  • honestly even as a Russian speaker Russian humour is just bad

  • I think when he was hugging people, He was talking about girls in their periods. If I'm wrong tell me please

    • I think the dude was uhhh. I think those girls were getting poked

  • Genuinely glad to be greeted as someone named "Greg"☺️

  • Anyone notice the Cardi B song at 2:08?

  • What in the straight tiktok is this

  • Omg if a man came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek I would beat his ass.

  • “15 minutes long” it’s fourteen, I feel lied to

  • Straight up bothering people? nah straight.t people be bothering me...........I'm lesbian

  • 10:44 she said are you crazy

  • We are greg

  • Candies for cuties 😏

  • 👁🐞👁

  • Watching this while actually being named Greg

  • Im not Russian but i can confirm this Guy had lost his mind

  • I liked Danny's reaction

  • Call it the Cloutback Steakhouse

  • 6:40 yeah I'm in Russia we do that all the time but its not a panda its an elephant