Spookley And The Christmas Kittens Is A Confusing Trainwreck

Opublikowany 12 gru 2020
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  • 2:48 I got pumpkins I didn’t carve that are still out because I never got around to it and those bastards are still kicking we got them late September early October it’s mid may they could still very much be alive well one did rot and we had to throw out but the others are still here so i guess if one guy was missing we know what happened

  • Plot twist: it wasn’t Santa posing as a raccoon, it was a raccoon posing as Santa

  • I just realized the voice actor for the cat is Buster Baxter in Arthur.

  • Danny please do vampires in Havana. That movie is a acid trip trainwreck

  • 14:16 the girl looks like uraraka from mha

  • 12:11 you have to get the hole thing wet not half of it

  • Danny making a wap reference caught me off guard😂🤚🏾

  • "You insensitive sack of shit, Santa"


  • Hate to give this movie credit, but 12:31 made me laugh out loud and replay it multiple times. That shits endlessly funny to me.

  • Gotta be honest the shading or rtx or something on this movie is pretty great

  • Santa = Dumbledore though

  • I used to watch Spookly The Square Pumpkin ever Halloween omg 😭🙊 I tried watching it again this year and only got like, 5 minutes in like wow, this movie is odd- 😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Santa being held at gun point? What is this? Friday Night Funkin’ Week 5?

  • 11:30 communism!

  • 12:11-12:18 omg 😩💀

  • i'm just confused as to why they had to make the cat green. it makes him look so grody 💀💀

  • The raccoon's "Well, well, well...that have we here?" Sounds like it was supposed to be a reference to the Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas

  • spokley: LOOK I GOT A SNOWFLAKE!1??! Danny: Wow great job idiot


  • 11:25 the kittens say we are on our own even though they are together.

  • The sequel sucks ass. fOr tHe lAsT tImE- Scat, scram, shoo. *GO AWAY.*

  • 11:12 Oh Really? I can use this for the Racist people so i can ask them to go away


  • I like how Danny sounds genuinely mad at the Christmas snow

  • I have a confession to make... When I saw the first movie as a kid, I had a crush on Jack the scarecrow. And I ALMOST completely forgot about it, until 4:39. Thanks Danny.

  • Anthros

  • Reviewing the first movie: Everyone is so mean to spookly! 3 minutes into the second movie: SPOOKLY YOU IDIOT

  • What happens if instead of rudolph the red nosed reindeer, it's rasher the blue tailed horse!? 🤣😂

  • The narrator missed a good rhyme he should’ve said “ over rocks and over wood he ran as a kitty cat could” instead he said freaking can

  • I just looked at the date, and this was uploaded on my birthday! lol

  • We just gonna ignore that Bobo, should’ve been picked out by a human already considering she won the Jack-o-lympics? Why’s she even still here?

  • “Spookleys head should be caved in and squirrels should be living inside of it.” Spookley who was a brand new pumpkin two months ago: Õ_õ

  • top 10 rappers eminem is afraid to diss: 5:42

  • At the end when the racoon turned into Santa, I was like "Oh, the racoon was Santa the whole time." But then when Santa turned into the owl I was like "Wait, Santa was the owl the whole time?" Is Santa not real? Was it just that jerk owl who likes to watch people suffer pretending to be Santa Claus the whole time?

  • This video never gets recommended to me. When I draw I let Drew Gooden or Drew Gooden videos autoplay and I'm never recommended this one despite being recommended the same videos repeatedly

  • 2:30 noits liek umm 2 years ?

  • christmas snow sounds like a cococmelon remix

  • I was SUPER distracted on what happened to the gold star on Mistletoe's collar (It seemed to disappear after Owl-Santa stole it) and I assumed it would be mentioned later in the film but IT WASN'T! so I guess it was just an animations flaw and they forgot to put it on the collar later..???

  • You could literally just cut the pumpkins from the story and change nothing.


  • bro I’m pretty sure that cat was in a book tho 😂 naw this is a book YEAA THE LEGEND OF MISTLETOE AND THE CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS IT CANE OUT A FEW YEARS BEFORE THIS!

  • Is it just me or we all predicted the raccoon would wink at the end of the movie

  • I can only imagine the thought process was “kids don’t care” Even if a kid doesn’t understand enough to dislike the storyline- the parents prolly do :|

  • Ok Santa you look like krampus when you reaching the cat

  • Can we just take a moment of how much time and efforts to be put in these videos for our 20 minutes of enjoyment

  • atleast the 3D animation looks a bit better from the first movie..

  • I’d forgotten how racist Little Tom is.

  • “Idk I can’t (Remember)” what the actual fu-

  • 2:59 cartoon logic lol

  • Guardians of the Galaxy 69: Rocket sells kittens in a sack to a green cat in the woods.

  • I love your videos, but can you stop cursing.

    • I want to keep watching but sooner than later my parents will find out and kill me.

    • Still not okay.

    • It's pretty normal for him

  • 18:43 wondered what happened to the kittens but they are also in the opening scene?🤔

  • He would have known about the kittens, cause we was already with them.

  • Maybe Santa just wanted a cat...

  • This whole thing of explaining after it happens kinda reminds me of Hunter × Hunter.

  • I think Santa might have done the extra stuff because he wanted him to learn about friendship.

  • 8:25 Cat's not even smart enough to follow his own footprints. 🤦‍♀️ I watch JoJo so I know some animals can do that.

  • 3:25 As you said before... HE'S A KID! He's like an infant!!

  • Maybe because they're alive in a different way, they can last longer.

  • Sequel? I didn't know there was a sequel...

  • The twist at the end is too deep

  • I notice you have my state you your shirt....😌

  • Better than the kung fu panda ripoff lol

  • Where I live if you don't get rid of the pumpkins on your porch they just freeze and will basically look fresh until spring if you don't carve them. I'm not kidding, once I was to lazy to get rid of them so they still looked fine when I threw them out in January. So yea, the pumpkins could still be there during Christmas.

  • santa took the caller so the cat wasn't owned and then the family can have the cat and not return him an it was dumb anyways so meh

  • Damn, imagine not having friends (the show) in America 😂😂😂

  • 7:25 Boxing Day Snow

  • Im binge watching big bang theory rn, and the scarecrow reminds me a bit of stewart

  • 6:16 the best sentence in history

  • "Does this dude just like the thrill of stealing stuff?" **Sly Cooper enters chat**

  • Didnt even realize my shitty spelling mistakes My “theory” is that the owl takes the color? Cowler? Whatever And it has Santa’s address so he takes it from him but idk why he drops is and why the raccoon has it afterwards but whatever Yk what my point is

  • the real question is where are the 2 bats from the first movie?


  • i can assure you when we use express vpn and we have been using it for years at this point every time we log to great Britain the wifi is soooooo slow

  • Not gonna lie the animation in this movie is fine, but some parts of the script is kind of inappropriate (BoBo’s lines)

  • Waitttt this movie is literally a copy of a book I read when I was a kid

  • Wait santa waited a year to give this cat a collar? Is that normal

  • 15:18 not to mention all the elves and reindeer

  • Well technically in the start of the film it said 1 year later, so that actually means the pumpkins have been rotting for an entire year and two months.

  • Thick, course, and not fun to touch, the perfect description of this movie

  • Omg lol 😆 😂 🤣 😅

  • the cat's voice actor is the same guy who does buster from arthur wtf??????


  • 13:12 my opinion on this clip is that how much water are in that one goddamn 6-7 inches wodden cup? Is there a fucking water fountain in that fucking cup?

  • Those pumpkin is racist against Square Pumpkin

  • moral of the story: Santa is an as*hole

  • The pumpkins are one year older because the story is set a year later

  • 16:04 holy shit mistletoe is so dead after that fall, he landed on the point of the house face first. o u c h

  • Where did santa raccoon get the kittens

  • Mistletoe is kinda incompetent. He could just retrace his footsteps back to the farm, dude, use common sense

  • Is the person playing mistletoe the same person that plays buster in arthur? Because it sounds like him

  • santa didn’t even let mistletoe keep the collar😭😭greedy asf

    • @Jeremiah Darian nah


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  • Bow bow:i saw it first its mine i love him oh yah ;) Edit:WHAT U WARING RATTATONG 19:05

  • Yeah, Santa’s plot was pretty convoluted. XD

  • It’s called Jack O Lympics because it’s when Jack gets to murder a couple pumpkins

  • santa litteraly put his pet in a snow ball to suffocate and then threw him out his house to kill Missletoe so he doesnt have to live with him and the murder is blamed on the farm owner

  • He should react to wild child

  • Is no one Gonna mention the genius of “from the top make it drop that’s some wet a** 🐱 12:12

  • Cat purchased slave kittens with collar from raccoon