My Dad Is Rich

Opublikowany 10 sie 2020
shot by Christian Owens
produced by Fantom Beats
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  • i liked most of it, but the parts about his dad were a little weird!

  • sick beat bro :D

  • Can't believe I almost forgot to watch this today.

  • theres no reason for this to go so HARD *grabs ankles*

  • Why this actually fire?

  • I liked the par where he talked about his dad

  • Lance Stroll when his dad bought Force India

  • This is always unironically stuck in my head. THX DANNY

  • damn didnt know Alucard does rapping these days

  • I love this song lol

  • my mans rented an entire mansion

  • Ok but I just noticed the 'money don't stop but it got a lot of comas' rhyme and I am flabergasted by it's genius

  • this is unironically one of my favorite songs ;-;

  • I can't tell what key this is supposed to be

  • Half the things in this music video are cgi

  • *casually makes high quality music as a joke*

  • The beats do

  • “You will never have a rich dad. You will always have a tiny baby b*tch dad” -Danny Gonzales

  • Danny needs to make a diss track please!!

  • ngl this shit is fire

  • Can we just appreciate how amazing Danny is at singing!

  • That song has a huge Tiny Meat Gang vibe!!!

  • This would be perfect theme for vampire dad in dark shadows

  • Jokes on you i dont have a dad



  • WHY does this song end😢

  • Hahaha the tiktoks I get it 🤣🤣🤣

  • yall ever just come back here and listen to this masterpiece ?

  • Why is this so good 😂

  • Who's house is that

  • The 1.1k dislikes are people who hate good content

  • The beat tho-

  • his rhymes are just too much

  • Idk how I got here but this shit actually slaps

  • little bread like panko

  • “Little bread like panko” Damn. Goddamn that’s good.

  • Cant tell if that movement is golfing or baseball

  • I barely even remember what the context for this was, and that kinda makes this even funnier

  • Jokes on him, I got no dad

  • omg I feel like such a lyrical analysis man after realizing what 'the money never stops but it's got a lot of commas' actually means. Unless vampires don't have comas if so I'm disappointed in everything

    • Unfortunately I don't think it's about comas. When writing down money, you use a comma every 3rd digit, so he has many digits worth of dollars, and a full stop would be a period, but the money doesn't stop flowing, so instead of a period it has commas. Hope this helped lol it felt like a lot to type lol

  • (almost) JoJo part 5 in a nutshell

  • My dad thinks Danny is actually serious and doesn't know that its all jokes

  • Dang imagine being so rich your house has a exit sign

  • this song is more ticktockable than the song that he made specifically for tick tock.

  • Give me an arbitrary job because I’ve got no skills, nepotism’s got me making them bills- so unnecessarily hard

  • Why is his music just good its just way to good

  • The beat is e p i c.

  • So.......... Draco Malfoy?

    • Lmao right

  • :))

  • May 2021 Update: This still goes hard

  • the bass hit harder than my dad

  • The CGI money I- 👁️👄👁️

  • Draco Malfoy who...?

  • This was 8 months ago 😳

  • I wish this song was longer

  • Wait then who is your mom

  • Common man this guy makes songs better than other real ones

  • Wait....... does that mean Danny is a vampire?

  • why does he look like Kiryu here 1:36

  • DRIP DANNY 1:38

  • Is he our Dad too?

  • I realised the part where there's a bunch of money it is actually cg money don't know how it took me this long to realise

  • This beat is amazing tho!!

  • *_my dad is a demon from a rapping game. And you compete with this lame guy?_*

    • cringe friday night rapping sucks

  • I like the part where he flexes his dad

  • Hey Danny has anyone told you you look like your dad?

  • He flex his vampire, gang boss, mafia dad.

  • You know what’s weird. I prefer the non music video one because that photo of Danny’s dad is so fucking funny

  • wherre does he get these houses

  • "I get that money from the top (bitch) Call that trickle-down economics You don't wanna mess with me I promise The money never stops, but it's got a lot of commas" GOD that is such a banger, you would never guess that those lines are from a song about a vampire dad

  • Where was this filmed ?

  • “you could have money in the back but your dad can’t hang cause he don’t have fangs and he don’t lead gangs, bitch”

  • This is the only flexing song i will respect


  • This guy would hiss at you in the school hall ways

  • Look I know this song is a shitpost song but WHY DOES IT SLAP SO HARD

  • draco malfoy when someone's slightly rude to him:

  • The best song by Young Face

  • Why is half dannys songs jokes but there normally the best songs of the year there made in

  • PLthrow: Exists Danny: Drops bars about his rich vampire mafia boss dad PLthrow: "Perfection"

  • I suddenly imagined Draco Malfoy singing this...."MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!!!"

  • This is fire

  • the way vampire dad just stands there w a completely blank expression is killing me

  • 🕺🏿🔥

  • what i didnt even know this existed

  • I saw this in a vid then idk who wrote this before but wow dude ya really outdid ur self

  • 🌭🐞🍳

  • YAAAAAAAAH thas hot

  • What Danny video inspired this song? I know the story behind all his songs except this one. I love this track but want to properly enjoy it by knowing the background

    • @Moxy Girl thanks girl!

    • His video for this is called POV I'm your vampire dad

  • This is..not what I expected

  • Now Danny is a tiny mouse I guess

  • Most of his songs are supposed to be a joke but he's way better than cardi b

  • danny is good at music, this is supposed to be a joke. i would listen to this on repeat

  • Tell me why his joke songs are actually better than non-joke songs, like it has no business being this catchy.

  • This is officially the hardest song of the 21st century. And all the other ones for that matter

  • Its been 2 days and i cant get this song out of my head.

  • Vampire dad my favorite character

  • Dude spittin bars