Influencer Paparazzi Makes Me Super Uncomfortable

Opublikowany 25 cze 2020
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  • why on earth is this kind of company not illegal? it should be entirely illegal lol

  • 9:53 "wat in the world is this thing" "oh this? oh yeah it's my toaster, i take it out like every 9 am and ride it around, some people think that it's just a motor cycle, but honestly i think it should be a hair dryer."

  • honestly I would’ve just listened to the man just to get out of that awkward situation.

  • Ayyo why does Candy Ken looks like Miu Iruma from danganronpa V3,lowkey look like her dont u think?

  • Hi Javier 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • As a person with two dads, I can confirm that Papa like Daddy Sorry not sorry

  • I fell bad for the camera man watching this cringe

  • Intro be like chaght in 4k

  • I just realized that 2 of my favorite youtubers are named Dan.. Alright.

  • Why this thumbnail make me think of Mob Psycho 100 🤔

  • When he said daddyrazzi I thought he was talking about razzbowski

  • Danny's sketch about the mom dying is literally an episode of a detective show I watched. paparazzi are creepy and I hate them

  • Dude I never realized this 18:00

  • Ty for the ending screen


  • 7:24 I wanna be Santa Claus so I'm gonna ki......

  • best 18 minutes of my life

  • E

  • Hollywood fix = Night Crawler & I literally don’t know these influencers 🙃

  • the stalk continues

  • does anyone watch till the very end?

  • Not lilhuddy being the only one answering back bc THEYRE LITERALLY SO FUCKING TIRED OF HIM BOTHERING THEM

  • the outro song made me watch the whole outro.....HASHHASHAHHAHAHSHASHAHSHASHAS.....

  • Love the ending 🥰

  • This video is so cringy that I was drinking a soda and the second he said "Hey Charlie" and I saw her face I no joke crushed the entire can.

  • the skits in the vids are the only thing keepin me alive rn

  • if paparazzi came up to me, I would just stop and stare at them and not say anything the whole time

  • I love how this just turned into Nightcrawler at the 12:37 mark

  • Paparazzi and dispatch are the worst, I hate them so much

  • When you turn the likes from 249k to 250k: 👑

  • This is so cringe.(not u danny. u awesome)

  • Please collab with Cody and Noel. That would make my life and then I could die a happy girl.

  • arrest. the killers. of breonna. taylor.

  • didn't particularly expect danny's reenactment of Nightcrawler (2014) in this video

  • Im drinking la croix

  • I get Nightcrawler vibes from this.

  • I am truly Greg

  • When I’m a celebrity I am going to bark at paparazzi and not stop until they leave there are no limits to how much I can annoy someone

  • 7:30 in the back

  • i love the end screen message

  • Paparazzi are scum

  • I've seen a couple of candy Ken's interviews and some people actually believe in them but they are all clearly fake, as well as their personas.

  • 5:59

  • Danny its 1:30 in the morning wtf are you doing?

  • this guy is not paparazi, he a stalker.

  • Paparazzi is creepy and should be illegal. Change my mind

  • This has nothing to do with the video but I was vibing to the intro then get scared by Danny hiding behind a curtain

  • i love how we can see him putting the camera away in the beggining

  • I forgot who was team 10 but it was jake Paul’s team

  • When mom tells you to smile to the camera: 0:28

  • I feel like if there were ever good paparazzi, they would have to start every video interview with something like, "Hi, I'm Danny Gonzalez from the Hollywood fix, is it alright if I film and ask you a few questions?" And if they get told no, they leave and the video never happens

  • I’m a boy and even I think he’s cute

  • 7:30 window

  • 7:29 ....the window

  • That intro tho

  • i want paparazzi

  • Mad respect for that end message at 18:05

  • Can you like...retake that photo I think I blinked-

  • 7:30 scared tf out of me

  • You should react to his newer videos they’re “friends” now

  • anti-fan dan 😭🤚🏻

  • did anyone else see the santa claus peeking thru the window at 7:30 ?

  • Dale

  • 0:56 No you should never ever say that again that made me so uncomfortable LMAO

  • did i just get caught in 4k at the start of the vid 🤨📸

  • Can we get these people’s personal info and find them wherever they are filming them and berating them with stupid questions?

  • "What do you wear to the beach FlEtCHeR"

  • Tbh that end card slaps I wish more people stayed for it they are clearly missing out

  • 3:15 the kid who keeps flossing is so funny

  • 0:40 ntgl that is kinda scary

  • What’s the music that starts playing at 12:00?

  • I was watching one of your videos earlier and from across the room my mom asked me if I was watching Ryan Reynolds,,, so congrats I guess on sounding like Ryan Reynolds?

  • Good night Danny 👌

  • Good night Danny 👌

  • When the mini horror/suspense movie in the middle is better than big budget full length hollywood movies nowadays.

  • :)

  • Candy ken who??? Baby what??? Who are these people

  • @The paparazzi gamer

  • U gotta love Danny’s farmers tan

  • Paparazzi is pretty rude but let's be honest charlie kinda deserves it

    • i dont watch her videos but shes a child, what did she do? she doesnt deserve to be stalked by paparazzi

  • are we just gonna ignore that santa literally peeked through his window when he was talking about him?

  • big nightcrawler vibes

  • 👀 👃 👅

  • 7:30 Santa is in the back

  • Paparazzi should be illegal. It’s literally just legal harassment.

  • 7:29 I've seen this video more than 3 times already but this is the first time I notice santa in the back-

  • 5:14 even the guy in the hat was tryna tell them where their bags were ... (i pray it’s not too late to make this joke)

  • Wow that end screen is such a wiplash from not only the song, but the video in general.

  • He should react to wild child

  • how does the paparazzi randomly just bump into these people and happen to have his camera.

  • Oh my god. What happened to Breonna Taylor is so F-ed up. Something has to be done about this, that is so wrong.

  • 6:16 - 6:20 Easily one of the cringiest things Ive ever seen

  • 8:03 Looking through someone's window with binoculars is a VERY different question from can you record video aimed at someone's windows, and those laws might even very from state to state in the technical details.

  • The people that have never watched you before would be a bit confused by your intro haha

  • you caught my on 4k delete it

  • People who are super obsessed with celebrities just weird me out in general

  • Pain.

  • 17:48 bro what this actually made me quite emotional thank you so much for this i could cry ngl ly danny :,)

  • This video is super painful to watch because of the uncomfortable clips.

  • Fatherazzi was right there