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  • Did that guy with the long hair fall out of Narnia or am I loosing it?? 👁👄👁

  • I really like their logo...but that's it. By this point, I'd gotten sick of the "misfit band" thing so I missed out on whatever made this good. Also, you'd think people would want their money back if the band started bragging about how good they were.

  • Other people: diarrhea Me: shit water

  • 12:48 Well, you got NOTHING but a Nice salad mix of Fall out boy and NICKELBACK! O Stevie T Can you Please REVIEW THIS?

  • Lemonade Mouth and Let It Shine are two of the best Disney movies

  • Great video man! wuve ya content dearly thanks for the laughs :)

  • The lunch club but bad

  • the crowd in the last rows of madison square garden are not at all hyped

  • * Whistles

  • Oh fuck he forgot how to walk Oh shit he forgot how to kick Oh fuck I think his bones are getting squishy

  • 3:35 i screamed

  • dude i died at this part it made me laugh sooo much 21:36

  • I think Olivia's dad killed her mom...

  • the song at the end is an actual song, so are they legally aloud to perform that?

  • “It’s a nice shirt isn’t it.” Lmao

  • His merch scene, i literary thought it was a ad, i even waited for the ad thing

  • know it’s jus a joke but whole time I was making fun that he had his own face posted on the wall then he made fun of the character for his face on his shirt. U hypocrite bastard😂

  • not danny flirting with himself.

  • My younger brother loves this movie and I don’t know what the hell he is talking about.

  • Thank you

  • I swear, if I get one more add for simply piano, I might just actually go insane

  • I took my earbuds out and it pausee the video at 11:16 with danny doing the lip biting fboy face 😂

  • This video just turns into Danny crying bc no one whistles at him 3:45

  • i like that the bassist girl classicli trained the violin and he can play the duble bass but not the bass its the same thing and buble bass and violin are much more difrent PLS KILL ME!!!!!


  • 11:10 what i hear Blonde gurl: *mumbling* Other gurl: *YEHAH* >:D

  • I’m sorry- that one girl screaming about her shirt is the most Gen Z thing to do AS a Gen Z 💀

  • i also thought when i watched this he was jumping feet fist into the crowd

  • 19:31 - Props to still being able to stuff a pizza in your face while people are throwing things at you. Good priorities.

  • Was anyone else in love with Blake Michael lol

  • That one girl who plays the violin was playing the bass when they all improved that one song and then later when they practiced for the first time she put down the bass and said she doesn’t know how to play it 😂

  • The basement is the backrooms

  • i laugh every time when they're in detention and start doing music with random things and all stella does is *clap excitedly* while the rest of them are actually making cool unique sounds lmao

  • every single musical disney movie always somebody named stella

  • 4:06 ya know what the sad thing is...men who are in their 50s and up actually do this crap and it's just like so men revert back to highschoolers as they get older? Oh god 🤣

  • One of Danny's funniest videos

  • I sit here for the whole 27 minutes trying to figure out who Stella was because she looked familiar

  • 3:30 (ish) is cat-calling and not good

  • Isnt the principal also the president in spy kids? Is that the same guy?

  • “Detention as I mention” Damn Danny got bars

  • *whistles at you like that* take that birch

  • I remember having Lemonade mouth and Let it Shine on repeat as a kid. Even if now as an adult I cringe at some scenes, I still love them.

  • I'm so glad Danny took one of my least favorite movies and destroys it with burns.

  • Forgot how cringe this movie is

  • That guy was wearing a ratatoing shirt :|

  • please review the movie step it up 2 i think it is called, it’s pretty cringe and i think that would be some good content. yeah

  • eyo danny i whistled for u

  • danny I'll whistle at you

  • 17:59 I'm sorry? Girl wtf am I supposed to do about that? I cant believe I used to love this movie😂

  • me realizing how many times danny said “GWENS mommy”

  • gUys mY bOnEs aRe GeTtiNG SqUiShY

  • Who else thought that the picture in the background was Danny drinking a cup of milk for some reason but then saw another video and found that it was just an inhaler

  • Ah yes, i remember in high school. I was in the music class, and we were all talented musicians, dancers and noone had low self esteem and we definitely didnt suck and waste most our time smoking and hating ourselves.

  • wendall: id take perfect brother anyday over my dads ridiculous girlfriend. whats-her-name: my dads in prison

  • 3:45 you're beautiful 😾

  • i have no more jokes to make about stalking you, it's just concerning at this point

  • Frick the lemonade

  • I genuinely laughed out loud at many parts of this video. I might actually subscribe now


  • I know Bridget mendler's supposed to be the singer and all and I LOVE her But I honestly felt like Naomi Scott should have been the main singer

  • you would be surprised by how many times i’ve gotten whistled at with the old timey 50 yr old man whistle

  • 23:33 Half the people be like: Bruh, honestly though, I don't wanna be here.

  • They're in the same room of jail, no prisoner clothes... UNREALISTIC!! LOl.

  • Its... Just a Lemonade Machine, you can get that stuff.

  • ayo can someone tell me what song akon was singing bro

  • Danny with the drip

  • oh wOw. *I'm Greg now*

  • There playing soccer on a football court

  • awooga holy smokes check out that broad

  • Watch a movie ❌ Watch Danny ✅

  • GEG

  • i am in genuine tears over the trauma dump where yt teen just blurts out “my dads in jail”

  • 10:10

  • 7:25 heh hah huh heh heh huh heh hah heh

  • 2:23 you can have a flash back in a flash back that’s illegal

  • 7:25. Better than the movie

  • who noticed his ratatoing shirt lmaoo

  • danny calling a bass a guitar..

  • Geg

  • The ratatoing shirt bruh 😂😂💀💀💀

  • 0:38 my favorite part of this video hands-down

  • might just be me but the beginning of the movie kinda reminds me of jumanji..

  • NO ME

  • I like how far Hayley Kiyoko's come from starting out as a girl on a disney channel version of The Breakfast Club

  • ew lemonade la croy is awful

  • who here drinks smokes or dose any thing you have to be 21 or older to do

  • honestly, the best thing about this movie was naomi scott

  • I’d love it if you did a whole video of the “Oh fuck, I guess [insert thing that hey did wrong here]” bit.

  • this movie is literally filmed like if an episode of dance moms and highschool musical combined

  • Ok but like for a 7 year old who spent most of her time watching Phineas and Ferb this movie was like the greatest thing to ever exist.

  • "check out Gwen's mommy"

  • I watched this movie- when I was like 6-7... in a hotel room 😂

  • . / >  フ |  _  _ l /` ミ_xノ /      | /  ヽ   ノ │  | | |

  • DANNY ur a very pretty girl •///^///•

  • 12:45

  • i get radio rebel and lemonade mouth mixed up

  • you know when you're doing your job and you get assaulted by five emotionally unstable children

  • My question is how did the one dude not be able to see the keys? You...you have...muscle memory. You dont look at the keys as you are reading the sheet music...and most musicians kinda have their music memorized at the point of concert. I just really hate that small detail for some reason

  • Woke up my parents with my laughing

  • why does danny look like a disney channel actor