How 2 Be Healthy

Opublikowany 30 kwi 2020
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I have rosacea
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on PLthrow, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • Ate some dates, ready to kill god

  • HA

  • Raisins it’s the water built in, that would be grape!

  • Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

  • Bang bang bang bang

  • when a teacher commits a mistake: "It,s okay, everyone makes mistakes 😊" when students commit a mistake: "YOU LITTLE SH**! WE LEARNED THIS PAST WEEK, WERE ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION!?!?!??"

  • “They should start making raisins that have to water built into them...that would be grape!!!!!!!!” -lol

  • Uhhhhhhh wait what happend to opening the almond's he put them down after he said he was opening them?

  • 3:34

  • Eating 4 dates = become Ethan Winters. Dude literally got his heart ripped out and still can kill a godly being.

  • Pretty sure they're just trying to convince their followers to eat so many almonds that they get cyanide poisoning

  • I'm never getting almond benefits I'm allergic to them :,(

  • those memes gave me stage 5 brain cancer

  • Me: haha Danny: Wait that's illegal

  • Eat 3 worms a day: become god infinite diamonds in minecraft get a girlfriend Eat 4 worms: HOW DARE YOU DEFY US! INSTANT DEATH FOR YOU BITCH!

  • If im gonna eat 30 almonds im not gonna eat them like normal people would I WOULD FUCKING EAT IT LIKE ANIMAL MY HAND WOULD BE FULL OF ALMONDS AND SHOVE IN MY MOUTH and act crazy

  • wait I thought that seagull sign was a joke because 1. the sign makes no sense 2. the seagull on top looks exactly like the sign

  • I wanna finish the video but I always use up my one laughter half way through

  • "Why is my life such a bitch?" I actually fucken thought you said life.

  • It would make sense that Danny’s dad is a vampire because he looks like a realistic twilight vampire. Like an actual teen hot turned into a vampire

  • Lmao the jokes are just basically r/arethestraightsok?

  • Nobody caught the, "they should make raisins with water already stored in them, that would be grape" joke. 😢

  • the thumbnail has 6 alomonds on it-

  • why so red bby

  • 3:10 dirty joke

  • Me know almonds make cyanide 👁👄👁

  • so 30 almonds!

  • 2:22

  • 5 almonds a day keeps the cancer away

  • 5 Almond daily No cancer

  • 8 almonds a day you become a god

  • i dont get how his wife is married but still goes to school?And what he doing'Is her p3d0?Wtf?

  • 9:06 instructions unclear dated four people and jumped off a bridge

  • Danny should have said, "that would be grape" for the raisins with the reason water built in

  • Sometimes i forget that he is in fact 26 years old with a house. I always tell myself hes 17

  • Are we not gonna talk ab how the husband is receiving a grade card for his wife, who I assume is in grade school 😃

  • “They should try making raisins that have the water built into them” Yeah that would be pretty grape.

  • 11:25 "that would be pretty grape." You did not do that YOURE NOT EVEN A DAD

  • he said raisin water is great so i said raisin water is grape

  • oh shit i forgot my 5 almonds, i’m gonna get cancer

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • *H A*

  • Whats funny is that there’s 5 dates and 6 almonds

  • 8:33 the reason he doesn't say that there are 6 almonds there is that he doesn't know any math. He just doesn't get it.

  • Yeeeet🌫🪲🦈🪅

  • *f u c k* now we gotta make them all do that

  • They realize almonds have cyanide in them right

    • Actually, only wild almonds have Cyanide. Sweet almonds still have trace amounts of amygdalin but not enough, by any reasonable measure, to produce dangerous amounts of cyanide.

  • I stuck to the eating regiment of eat apple Lemon 4 almonds 5 dates and 1 milk for 78 years I have ascended beyond godly hood. I have the power of time travel and can be big think past any doctor for health concerns. This universe is inadequate for my power and soon I will have to create a new on where cosmic law makes it so that apple lemon 5 dates 4 almonds and one milk IS. THE. ONLY. FOOD.

  • Fun fact: almonds have trace amounts of cyanide (one of the most fast acting and deadly poisons ever), though it's not enough to be harmful to you.

  • Actually I had two laughters

  • so we're just gonna gloss over the fact that that one dude's wife had a report card?

  • Did You Know - *5 almond Daily No Cancer* me - **is allergic to almonds...** Did You Know - *One Lemon Daily No Fat* me - *wait- im a lemon* 🍋 also me - 😰😭 *god save me*

  • danny i know it’s been a year but ever since i laughed more than once while watching this video, the crime has haunted me ever since. i needed to turn myself in. i’m so sorry

  • "Scientists should make raisins with the water already in them" Grapes: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • 8:20 people might think im being petty but there are siz almonds there mind you six just get it right.

  • Ghandi wasn't a legend he was really cruel

  • I wonder if I ate the almonds and then got cancer if I could sue for false advertising

  • GEG

  • the amount of heteronormative shit, also no, its straights sit normally, gays cant sit right

  • 0:57 did anyone else say “Ha”with him? 😂😂😂

  • Me:Hiding cool big drum cutely

  • 11:00 is raisin water just....... Wine?

  • 3:38 wtf

  • the quicker you learn that the quicker you can dodge their attacks gay tension

  • we should’ve just told jacob to have 5 almonds daily then no cancer 🤭

  • What if I eat my daily dates at 9 AM but I get cancer at 8:30? WHAT THEN, DANIEL???

  • I had a laughter. I shall now pause the video and return at a later date for another laughter

  • Milk Small oranges Pancake syrup Chips Coco pebbles Oat meal 1 min Dove soap bars Metal scrubs for dishes Good sponges

  • seagles

  • Well all those things eating them every day would help with weight loss, if you only have eat that and not anything else

  • “Wouldn’t it be great if scientists looked into raisins with water built into them? That would be grape.”

  • I made 2 laughter >:D

  • 3:38 Title "How 2 Be Healthy" Every women now "FINally, I Can Have 2 Arms And 1 Mouth Now, FUCK yea."

  • Um hold on a second, why are we not talking about "Wife's school report card"????? I'M SORRY?? Is this man married to a school child??

  • Guys: hahas Me: savs ha till end so can wach hole vid😏😏

  • I came back to the vid although it was almost finished and i just clicked the video and heard- “I need pants NOW. cause I ruined my other ones😔”

  • This is a try not to laugh video in disguise

  • Trisha patata’s bussy 😌❤️

  • 11:15 Describing a grape

  • 12:39 gorgeous

  • Fun fact: almonds have a small amount of cyanide

  • at 8:32 there are 6 almonds, not 5

  • It doesn't bring glow to face

  • the indian experience of watching danny's videos is when u realise the cringy acc he's abt to talk abt is indian 0.5 secs into it

  • almond sales after this: 📈 📈

  • I can’t believe this was a year ago already

  • Nice watch I love apple watches⌚️

  • 4 Almond Daily Small cancer

  • Yo for a sec I was like "omg all I need is to eat almonds every day and I'll be skinny" (I need help ok-) then I remembered... If I eat any tree nut my face will turn red, my tongue and throat will be itchy, I'll break out in hives, start throwing up and then, and this part it SUPER fun, MY THROAT WILL CLOSE UP AND I'LL JUST DIE But at least I'll be skinny

  • they be like: uoedwiuoda[wd ALMONDS eianiqpewfmap

  • Bruh what I low-key thought this was posted in 2019 before the pandemic whaaat

  • Ok I got this ad for a game called Go Balls and the ad was like "my wife said I play the game or she is gonna divorce me" and "my cat Tomas' plays this game" wtf

  • 3:38 as a girl I can confirm that is exactly how I sit

  • 9:44 if only Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard had just eaten 4 dates

    • @• adrienscrown • I’m both of those things lol 😂 and him saying head cut off instantly made me think of them

    • Damn bro why you gotta attack all the Tudor nerds and Six fans like that

  • Danny: George Washington Me: don’t do it My absolute shit brain: HERE COMES THE GENERAL-

  • hlthaiy am i

  • Watching this an entire year after, hard to believe it’s been this long.

  • 11:15 yes it would be grape

    • LMAO

  • Can someone please explain why it says mathS? Where does the ‘s’ come from? Maybe it’s cause I’m in America and other countries have an ‘s’ at the end, but I’m confused.🙃

  • Sorry I violated your laughing law please forgive me