Guava Juice Is Out Of Control

Opublikowany 12 mar 2021
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  • Danny: b o l o n g a Me, a sally face fan: *F* *E* *A* *R*

  • Even if it WAS improv anyone else could do 10x better.

  • i used to watch him when i was 6 he was so better back then just a dude jumpin in a bath filled wth slime

    • i think they killed him and replaced em wth the new one

  • guava juice used to be roi wasabi & i used to be OBSESSED with the rowlanda videos from that channel as a kid so weird to see how he has branched off since then.

  • I feel like the more I look at Danny's nose the bigger it grows💀

  • Why are all “kids” channels just so....... odd

  • I know where guava gets his video ideas now he just uses ai dungeon.

  • @gytulgvjlygvjttucyg,.y.,cjgyuvcjhgygl

  • Wassabi productions was my life. It's just sad that one of the most iconic PLthrow duos isn't together anymore, which is fine, but it's sad that Roi's channel has become something that I can't recognize as normal or even good anymore.

  • I use to watch his old content daily but he changed his content to appeal to little kids and now makes really unrelatable cringy videos, its sad to see, his cousin Marlin he made videos with him a lot, I looked at Marlins content and its watchable compared to Roi's

  • Honestly, the mcflurry one was really cool

  • God remember when we would spend hours watching Guava Juice when we were like 11.

  • why does danny have cgi eyes and mouth

  • G r e g

  • the wendy's mascot is 9 like what the fuck?

  • i watched him since he was rolanda, when he was roi, when he first started guava juice and played roblox, when he first started being one of those 24 hours challenges yters and i stopped when he just went weird with the trend stuff. he was my childhood and now hes just kinda.. weird

  • I remember when he made quality content that were quality skits but now it's just trash

  • I meannn maybe the mime is just coming to dunkin after a hard day of work thus not working anymore and speaking Who is stereotyping now Mr. Gooden

  • The fact i used to watch his videos as a kid GOD.

  • 1:21 this guy is dumb cause guava juice is trying to do random shit just to entertain this guy is thinking its real

  • Fun fact: McDonald's was sued because their coffee actually reached at least over 30°F above regulation. I can confirm this because I once worked at a McDonald's, and their coffee had to be left to cool down before they can even handle it.

  • W/NotRelatable

  • i miss retro guava juice

  • 1:33 that’s weirdly a topical fast food joke in reference to the court case where an elderly woman spilled a hot McDonald’s coffee on her while she was in her car and it gave her third degree burns around and in her private areas. She actually went to court and got McDonald’s to change their serving temperature for their coffee.

  • Guava juice: *lays a talking mime* Danny: and I took that personally

  • Guava Juice makes me wanna break my back more

  • Ayo guavas channel is for kids..

  • Off topic but anyone else used to think Wendy from Wendy’s was supposed to be Colonel sanders daughter

  • 1:13 this part is kind of funny.

  • i like this

  • Guava Juice is the kid friendly version of 21st century humor

  • exactly its for kids

  • Why are these all the things I thought in my head when I watched my sister whatching those vids

  • amugus

  • It makes even more no sense since I've never gone to dunkin donuts

  • Plz make a part 2 this is hilarious😂

  • I used to love the old guava juice but not these ones

  • He literally acts like he's on drugs

  • wait, isn't this is santa killing man

  • is-- is that roy i dont remember what he and his friend did or what his friends name is but is that roy?? i remember they would make weird little sketches for... youtube? vine?? but nothing as weird as what he's producing now they like ?? there was one with the eating crayons and that girl where they drew a huge mole on roy's face and in general just like that weird, nigahiga type content (not saying either was necessarily bad, it was just very... specific??)

  • Guava Juice’s dad used to work w my mom and after his son got famous he tried to sext my mom over Instagram DM lmao

  • brubvheds im gretg now!1/11/1/11!1!!!1111!!!

  • He was much more fun and enjoyable back then. even the "scary vids" were pretty fun, now this is just weird.

  • Nah this video's make me like I'm on coke

  • The scary thing is… I used to watch him when I was younger :(

  • hmmm

  • After wasabi they both went downhill

  • lol i used to watch him when i was a kid i totally forgot abt him

  • 2:50 Saving that for my senior quote don’t mind me😂

  • Aaaaaaaaa

  • when are you gonna do a video reacting to Selena Gomez’s Cinderella?!?!????

  • Damn I work at McDonald's oh and btw when people say the ice-cream machine is broke, it's not, it's actually being cleaned, and when it's being cleaned they have to take the tubes and stuff that are in it out, and that's why we can't sell ice-cream at certain times.

  • bologna

  • Honestly I used to watch guava juice and I don't remember him doing stuff like this. All I remember is his slime bath videos

  • How to be ronald mcdonald Sort crack Put on the blood of your enemies

  • Guava is the product of Troom Troom and Candy Ken... if they were siblings... and their parents were siblings

  • I swear he's the guy from that ancient PLthrow call me maybe parody??

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz x z.

  • hilarius


  • missing the old Roi.

  • am i the only one that gets weirdly transphobic vibes from everytime he plays a female character too?

  • Bro did that guy just turn into HULK!? Talk about random...

  • As a former dunks employee I can confirm we keep the flavors in the back. It’s part of the wise guy contract we have to sign. We put out all the display garbage and hide the flavor out back. You have to ask for the flavor out back.

  • should´ve sticked with wassabi productions ;(

  • :I

  • why does he... keep dressing in drag... uncomfy with how he portrays women/people in drag/trans people also i hate him

  • ohh thank god someone mentioned this, Danny is the best person to explain how out of control guava juice is!

  • its really sad to see my favorite youtuber turn to cringe youtuber

  • I used to watch him when I was like Grade 5 or 6

  • At Jim's they have a gallon of cinnamon ice cream1:43

  • You're only saying it now?

  • Pov- you used to watch gauva juice's old videos 😂

  • I feel like the McDonald’s one is just what the workers want to do cause I worked there the ice cream machine one is so relatable also throwing coffee at people who come into the store just to order a coffee is just annoying

  • 7:05

  • Look at old wasabi productions it’s so bad

  • Danny: *bologna*, that's random right? Sally face fans: *oh godd, oh fuckk, not this again*

  • I remember when he was doing mistery box vids

  • what the fuck happened to guava juice while i was gone

  • Your hair is perfect

  • I'm subscribed, I am truly Greg

  • The thumbnails though Brother: I can’t even watch a second Me: understandable also who gets lit on fire with coffee?

  • I remember when guava juice used to be like actually really cool, derpy like cool funny content

  • Table

  • list of things you can do at mcdonalds: thanks for watching

  • he's not wrong, that was pretty random

  • I miss roi wassabi :((((( I loved him.

  • I haven't met him and I already can imagine him in the corner of the brain where wind blows immensely.

  • *Goes in incognito mode*

  • They did some Avatar the last Airbender shit right there lol

  • 1:22 As a hot liquid burn victim, there are many things wrong here. First of all, smoke doesn’t appear. Second of all, fire doesn’t appear. Third of all, after the liquid is spilt onto you, you skin grows blisters and becomes pink. I hate when people try and make jokes about serious topics, and they don’t even do it right.

  • Kinda high key shitty for people to keep making fun of the woman who was burned by the Mcdonald’s coffee. Literally isn’t funny in the slightest. She was left with horrible burns on her lower body and had trouble walking for the rest of her life, and she barely got anything for it. Everyone makes fun of the “hot coffee mcdonald’s lady” but it was so hot it physically disfigured her.

  • I lowkey laughed when Danny said baloney

  • its sad how he used to used to be an amazing youtuber with alex

  • please he used to be such a normal youtuber... what happened to him?

  • Guava Juice: MaKe SuRE NeVeR To Go To ThEsE PlAcEs Or I wIlL BeAt YoUr...

  • Guava juice is just joking

  • im both amused and terrfied by how one can fit Among Us into so many thumbnails

  • When he was still doing food challenge... It was still normal

  • For the coffee one, I think he was parodying that old lady who got burned by McDonald’s coffee and filed a lawsuit a few years ago