Commercials From My Nightmares (flashing lights 10:40-10:50)

Opublikowany 12 lut 2021
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WARNING: Flashing lights from 10:40-10:50 sorry I forgot to include this in the actual video!!
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  • We are gorg

  • the tac visor is a polarising filter, theyre used in sunglasses and are actually useful for filtering out glare (they are also a part of screens), it's real technology. I just dont get why they just didn't say that, that would be an actual selling point, instead they rip the filter off a tv and try to say that it has the power to reveal "hidden objects?" what?

  • reg

  • “iT JuSt dOeSn’T BuRn” Wallet : turning black and curling around the edges Also that arrow stunt. Obviously fake.

  • nick bolton is why american patriotism is hilarious

  • I'm a real boy

  • 8:53 The second dude that got hit fell in slo-motion

  • Lol For the tack visor you could just get sunglasses instead haha there better!

  • 7:08 to 7:37 is the start of the horror movie called danny the nutcracker

  • ive seen adverts of this on my dads tv

  • ok whn they said you just had one of those days where you sit on your glasses i did that to

  • 13:40 “it even has a zipper for your change!” Umm.... it’s a wallet. I would hope it had a pocket for money.

  • The navy is part of the military

  • I just want to say I like the little sail boats on your shirt 🥺

  • I know everyone has already commented on it..... but jfc.... the nutcracker bit literally could have been an excerpt from a horror movie

  • 7:14 don't mind me just saving this timestamp for nutcracker Danny

  • GrAmMaRlY dOEs m0rE tHaN jUST cAtCH eRR0rS

  • 9:51

  • 10:40

  • I didn’t realize the knife was retractable and was genuinely concerned for your head for a second

  • If you look carefully, the flaming arrow has a pond5 logo on it

  • Tac shotgun in fortnite

  • I lOVE the way he puts a flash warning

  • That nutcracker thing would make a fuckin terrifying horror movie


  • bang🥺 bang🥺 bang🥺 bang🥺 bang😣 stab🥺 stab🥺 stab🥺 stab🥺 stab🥺

  • Greg is still a satan cult But I don't care ;)

  • Great Job Danny!

  • “American flag with a bald eagle” No Danny, he called it an *AMERICAN EAGLE* *Woulda lost my shit had she pulled the visor down in the truck and the road disappeared you see an AMERICAN EAGLE*

  • when I watched this video for the first time I was waiting in a car with my best friend, and that nutcracker part had us looking at each other like 😧😦

  • 14:45 also the helmet he puts on is from ww2 and the camo he’s wearing is from Vietnam


  • When the apocalypse gets near, I'll need four of your bats Danny


  • *g r R R E A T J O B D A N N Y*

  • the nutcracker is so funny

  • This is the most I’ve laughed in awhile, I love your videos soooooooooooooo much!

  • The worst commercial was a robitussin commercial in which the dad coughs, a baby cries, then mom looks at him judgingly, then it shows a big gush of nasty ass cough syrup on the screen. Very eerie, and feels like being very very sick, and on cough syrup.

  • Why are all of his backgrounds just picture of Arizona?


  • Hola amigo! disfuto mucho de tus vídeos 🙌🏻

  • ,

  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that the nutcracker Guy is an actual person that has been living with them for like two years

  • My grandma has a literal metal pole by her door. She had one in her car and one in her house, but she can’t drive anymore. So yeah, she just has a freakin metal bat ready for anyone actually stupid enough to break into her house since she *never* leaves. I don’t get it. But hey, if she feels safer with having a bat in her house, I’m not gonna stop her.🤷‍♀️🔧

  • That acting tho 😔👌

  • He be sus

  • Who else waited fot what felt like 3 years for this video?

  • I didn’t know Danny’s acting was so Good jesus christ..

  • 10:50 10:40

  • the skits in this are gold

  • Fun fact: when you learn about the brain it's really just your brain becoming self aware

  • We’re getting aTACked!!!

  • The navy guys crack isn’t about them being underwater. It’s the joke in the military that navy guys are pussys. Which couldn’t be further from the truth but still

  • You take care if a bad guy with these steps: blind, stab stab, bang bang, walk wack

  • On behalf of the Army, we don’t claim Nick Bolton

  • 7:20 - 7:40 Danny is a real boy.

  • who else had a heart attack when he jabbed the knife into his head

  • 11:33 i cracked up so hard lolol

  • okay..... my sleep is gone Nutcracker Danny

  • The visor on the nutcracker might give me nightmares tonight

  • 1:44 is no one gonna talk about how this guy was already clean shaven

  • Has anyone noticed how cute Danny's shirt is??? Like lol a turtle neck of a colored shirt under than and can that would be cute

  • Next up is the TAC FLESHLIGHT.. Only for *military use*

  • 10:40

  • I was watching this while eating cereal and then I spit out my milk while laughing. My house is covered floor to ceiling in milk. Please send help I'm drowning.

  • Why cant Americans say aluminium

  • 6:31 almost had to call the ambulance because of laughter-

  • 10:40

  • 14:39 a-tac-ked

  • what the fuck was the nutcracker skit

  • I really appreciate how far danny goes to put flash warnings, not many creators do that

  • my sleep paralysis demon is this 7:34


  • Marine cause you call him a navy guy and a marine would call him a squid Not a navy guy coast guard respect them air force and navy have an unwritten alliance because they're both I'm went be armed for services and the army would probably take the marine side with the whole squid thing so I'm guessing he space force

  • 3/5 stars This products doesn’t get the right angles in my pool. Don’t get me started on the color, invisible, really?! As you can tell, it isn’t doing well design wise but it’s okay legally. Other than that if you like the angle invisible this product is for you!

  • okay side note....that nutcracker skit was horrifying but damn your acting is getting so good.

  • 12:49 I’m pretty sure I had that exact “hunter’s bow” when I was 6 😂 Ah yes. The little rubber pads on the front of the arrows are no match for the Tac Wallet!

  • I have to say Danny, you scared the poop out of me when the nutcracker guy started screaming. 👀

  • 9:19 Why does that look like something you can craft in Dead Rising? 🤣🤣🤣

  • It's 4:30 and now I'll be horrified after seeing drew in weird makeup

  • Scary guy looks like skeletor from the first purge

  • More Tachamster please!

  • “Nick Bolton? More like bed flames” BRO-

  • Horsadam

  • So the reason the tac-visor can make you see images on the white screen is because it's a polarized light filter (which those screens normally have, this screen had had it removed) and it's basically completing the picture the screen is showing. This has absolutely nothing to do with being able to see better on the road and is (at best) a party trick that requires you to destroy a computer monitor to do.

  • My parents bought the tac visor and it was unnecessarily difficult to pull down and eventually it broke.

  • Danny a real one for the flashing lights warning

  • If someone knows where Danny's sweater is from please let me know. I need it.

  • Also, just wanted to add, when someone says "military grade aluminum alloy", as an ex-structural maintenance grunt in the Air Force, I can tell you that phrase is the most bullshit claim ever... what did we use when we were going to use aluminum to repair an aircraft? Aluminum. Nothing special, just fucking aluminum, it'd be more impressive if they told you the tech details of the aluminum, like are we talking tempered aluminum, hardened aluminum, machined aluminum, or, just an idea, maybe we're talking about that shitty aluminum dust that gets melted into a mold which gets used fucking everywhere? Oh, those other types of aluminum? Used everywhere too lol. There's nothing special about the aluminum we use, it's just fucking industrial sheets and blocks of aluminum. You want a flash-light that's able to beat some face? Get a maglite... or at the very least use something other than fucking aluminum. Steel, just get stainless steel. That's the go to metal, aluminum is only used when strength isn't needed for a part and we need to manage weight for the aircraft to fly properly.... Like, the way they're talking we use aluminum to block fires and kill people, like we eat, breathe and shit aluminum. Just no, lol, no. Wanna know what we use for things that are meant to kill people? Like chain-guns, or armor? Not aluminum. *ANYTHING* but aluminum.

  • My GF bought me the tactical sunglasses for christmas because the magnetic inserts to my glasses were your standard grey tint and we assumed was just colored plastic and not able to do dick all for UV since we bought them from some cheap eyeglasses website. They had one of those laser etched eagles that only shows its color with material that blocks UV's to try and show that the sunglasses were superior to "regular" sunglasses. I put the sunglasses on and looked at the eagle and it showed the colors alright... it made it look like the eagle was a faded sticker, but the colors were there, that's for certain. Then I decided to see if the magnetic inserts for my glasses could allow me to see the colors. The kicker is that the inserts for a $20 pair of prescription eyeglasses made it so you could see the eagle clearly. Like, it didn't look like a faded sticker, it actually looked like it was supposed to. Moral of the story? If by tactical, they mean their sunglasses are less effective at blocking UV rays than a $20 pair of eyeglasses with a sunglass insert then I'll have to say they were *very* tactical in sparingly blocking *some* UV rays lol.

  • I love how they put something on the wallet to make it burn, but not on the tac wallet. Lmao

  • Honestly, the lanyard is not a bad idea.

  • One of these days, Nick Bolton will use the military tough tac-bat on you

  • Who else thought the "navy guys" bit was a gay porn joke lol.

  • Can the hackers tell me what my animal jam password is

  • 10:40 And Honey.......grab the poltergeist3000 there back I don’t know how the dark moon shattered again but there back.....

  • tac tac tac tac

  • You should have called this series Tac Test! Which of course is short for... tactical testicle

  • the Tac Hamster i laughed for 10 mins

  • Bruh. Nutcracker Danny was legitimately terrifying.